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 ===== RealTimeDesigner Development Timeline ===== ===== RealTimeDesigner Development Timeline =====
 +==== 2014 2nd Half ====
 +=== July ===
 +Magento Integration Released\\
 +OpenCart Integration Released\\
 +Wow - After a busy 3 tradeshows in a row we're back at coding lots of new features\\
 +Welcome to the family all new clients over the past few months - we're glad to have you!\\ 
 ==== 2014 1st Half ==== ==== 2014 1st Half ====
 +=== June ===
 +RTD print on demand and parametric design featured with the big guys at IRCE Chicago\\
 +RTD Client Launches our first Retail Store printing T-Shirts and more On-Demand via Kiosks\\
 +=== May ===
 +First trade show in Europe - FESPA Munich\\
 +=== April ===
 +ISA Orlando Tradeshow\\
 +Printed 500 custom frisbees on demand using 6 RTD kiosks\\
 +=== March ===
 +Print Mask Image added so that you can crop your hires generation\\
 +=== February ===
 +FESPA Trade Show in Munich May 2014 announced\\
 === January === === January ===
 Template feature added for maximum number of characters per line\\ Template feature added for maximum number of characters per line\\