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 ===== RealTimeDesigner Development Timeline ===== ===== RealTimeDesigner Development Timeline =====
 +==== 2014 2nd Half ====
 +=== July ===
 +Magento Integration Released\\
 +OpenCart Integration Released\\
 +Wow - After a busy 3 tradeshows in a row we're back at coding lots of new features\\
 +Welcome to the family all new clients over the past few months - we're glad to have you!\\ 
 +==== 2014 1st Half ====
 +=== June ===
 +RTD print on demand and parametric design featured with the big guys at IRCE Chicago\\
 +RTD Client Launches our first Retail Store printing T-Shirts and more On-Demand via Kiosks\\
 +=== May ===
 +First trade show in Europe - FESPA Munich\\
 +=== April ===
 +ISA Orlando Tradeshow\\
 +Printed 500 custom frisbees on demand using 6 RTD kiosks\\
 +=== March ===
 +Print Mask Image added so that you can crop your hires generation\\
 +=== February ===
 +FESPA Trade Show in Munich May 2014 announced\\
 +=== January ===
 +Template feature added for maximum number of characters per line\\
 +Admin Commands (yellow Bar with template commands) is now a floating frame\\
 ==== 2013 2nd Half ==== ==== 2013 2nd Half ====
 +=== December ===
 +Lots of work on the API and integration options\\
 === November === === November ===
 Faster Loading Font Display\\ Faster Loading Font Display\\
 BackGround Color applied to 3D models\\ BackGround Color applied to 3D models\\
 Mask Patterns loaded for image file uploads\\ Mask Patterns loaded for image file uploads\\
 +Text filter added to find products on Configure Products page\\
 === October === === October ===
 OPENCART - major new integration to shopping cart platform\\ OPENCART - major new integration to shopping cart platform\\