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 users to close the sale. users to close the sale.
-To make images of the design linkable: <a href="[SIDES_IMAGE_JPG]" target="_blank" >Click Here 
-to View Design</a><br> [quote=southlandgraphics]Also, can I make the images the same size as the 
-images in send to friend emails? These images are way larger than that. [/quote]. Alex will need to 
-answer that one. I haven't noticed they were a different size. Just use HTML and force a size. For 
-example: <a href="[SIDES_IMAGE_JPG]" width=300 target="_blank" >Click Here to View 
-Design</a><br> This will proportionally re-size the image to a width of 300 (which should be the very 
-same thing dome in "email to friend") 
-Here's how we do this, and the reason we posted this previous message on this forum: 
-[url=,467]click here to view forum discussion[/url] 
-Once signed in, a customer can load a previous order in the designer, make changes (if desired) and 
-then add the item to the cart and check out. This is how the feature is working right now because I just 
-tested it. But, I could swear that in the past the previous order would not allow you to add to cart again. 
-This is great! When Alex gets this feature as discussed in that post completed then customer can also 
-link directly to "Saved Designs" without having to find a way to get into the designer and use the 
-"Save/Load" button. If a customer is not a registered user then they will need to become registered and 
-sign in before fully using these features. I like it that we can use the "Manage Registered Users" in 
-Admin and register a customer, assign their passwords and "be him (or her)" to provide excellent 
-customer service. We use this feature often to manipulate customers orders. 
-If I'm understanding your issues, then there is a very robust solution. Your customers need to register to 
-create an account, which in your scenario above it sounds like they have done so and saved a design 
-which you don't know about. By the way, if you enable immediate account creation for registered users, 
-they will immediately be registered and make their own password when using the save design button. 
-This is VERY helpful. That feature is off by default. Customer saves their design and calls you. You 
-just enter their account through "manage registered users" by clicking "be him". Open the designer and 
-load their design using the saved designs button. You can make changes and save it again and customer 
-can then see and load the newly added design using the saved designs button. This works very fast once 
-you get the hang of it. We do it with customers over the phone often. Another solution is to use 
-LivePerson where you can actually share the browsing experience.[[rtd_manual_ch_11_processing_orders|{{ :next_arrow_c.gif?nolink&100 |}}]]